Pastor Ituah loves to write as he started writing stories at a tender age. He wrote his first book as early as his primary school days. Though it was never published, but he has written many others since then. As at now, Pastor Ituah has written and published several books over the years. These books are summarized below:

Audacity For Change Front Cover

Audacity For Change – The world today is desperately in need of a change. The global economy is in chaos while the world is faced with global security challenges. Life-threatening challenges such as food crisis and lack of water are not only in Nigeria but everywhere in the world. As expected, these challenges invoke fear in people everywhere. However, this was not the case in the beginning; therefore it must not remain so. Pastor Ituah in Audacity For Change challenges us as individuals, as organisations and as a nation on the need for positive change. The book stresses the need for change, unfolds the things that must change and reveals the qualification of who bears the burden of change.


Living Above Yourself reminds us that notwithstanding whatever riches we amass or successes we achieve, our lives when we die will be summarised in very brief sentences. Living a great life is about discovering our purpose here on earth and emptying ourselves of everything God has blessed us with before our journey to the great beyond. If we die without fulfilling our purpose on earth, even though we make it to heaven; in God’s eyes we would have been failures.

Camilla Cover.

Camilla – This book reveals to us the various complications, difficulties, and intricacies of extra-marital relationships and how they affect our lives and even careers. While dealing with the physical problems, it also gives an insight into the spiritual dimensions to these problems. Marriage is a covenant with death. Only death can truly separate a legally and spiritually bound couple. A Camilla might not necessarily be person in your spouse’s life with whom your spouse is having a relationship. It could be a job, a hobby, a business, a ministry, a sport or a same sex friend of your spouse any of which could bring about difficulties in your relationship. This book offers us insights into how we can recognise a ‘Camilla’ in our lives, how the spirit of a third dimension is acquired and how to go about resolving the crisis that arise from the presence of a ‘Camilla’ in our lives.


Lessons From Life teaches us is that in every man’s life there is an Esau and there is a Jacob. Jacob represents the things of the spirit; that which is born of God or comes forth from the commandment of God. Esau represents that which is born of the flesh. Esau represents the aspects of human personality and character that tends towards the body and towards the flesh. Jacob represents the aspects of human character and personality that tends towards spiritual things and aspires in the direction in which God is taking a particular individual.

Mr and Mrs Uriah New Cover

Mr. And Mrs. Uriah examines the issue of marriages from the point for view of an incompetent marriage and the effect that it could have on the lives of the various people involved. A lot of marriages have major problems and what you find a lot of times are couples just managing to live together in mutual tolerance. Uriah and Bathsheba’s was no exception, they were having their own problems. This book will offer you a different perspective to your relationship or perhaps help you to advise others.


Redemption of the First Born – This book is for all firstborn children, first born sons, for those who have first born brothers and sisters and for those who intend to have first born children. The term ‘First Born’ is self-explanatory:  a first born is the first child of a woman or a man. Children, particularly, the firstborn come under attacks by life, by society, amongst the family, brethren and even inadvertently from their parents and then of course from the enemy. There is also a lot of pressure, on the firstborn to live by example and to follow the example of the parents and do what exactly the parents wants the fellow to do. Also when attacks on the parents fail, those who are unable to get the parents tend to go after the children, especially the firstborn. The first born is very important in most families especially in the Jewish family and not only for the Jews in Israel but also for the spiritual Jews. It is therefore very relevant to our situations too since we are the spiritual Jews.

Democracy Booklet Cover
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